Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hello all! I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas!! :) Mine was awesome, spent with family and with lots of food. Mmmm. And big news!!! I bought myself a Cricut Expression and have been busy spending time with it. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas to meeeee!!!

Apologies for the lack of blogging over the past month, but I was frantically finishing off Christmas cards and making Christmas presents. I made cards of two sizes this year with the smaller 10cm × 10cm card given to those I don't know as well (such as my colleagues) but still wanted to give cards to. This year's card was inspired by this card (about half-way down the post) created by Nichole Heady who is the awesome co-owner/creator of my fave craft store, Papertrey ink. Seriously, I think I mention PTI in every single post. :) The smaller tree was punched out using a Martha Stewart punch. I dragged out my mother's sewing machine and taught myself to use it (the user manual is great!) and I think sewing on cards can get quite addictive!

And this is what a pile of ~46 odd Old Olive die-cut trees looks like. That's a lot of crankin' through the Big Shot!

I also made calendars for my friends using PTI's calendar page die, which also meant more cranking through the Big Shot. 6 calendars (including one for myself) and one cover for each = 78 calendar pages. I was really, really bored by the time I finished die-cutting them! Here's what they look like, all bound with my Bind-it-all! The one at the end was the prototype, hence the wonky-ness. All subsequent calendars (and the original) were reinforced using re-purposed cereal boxes. :D I love how they turned out. Well worth the time spent stamping and trying to figure out stuff. I haven't made mine, though. Ran out of time. :)

I used the same stamps for each calendar, but mixed up the order so no two calendars are identical. I also embossed half the pages and nearly toasted my fingers in the process! I still haven't started on my own calendar yet as I ran out of time, so hopefully I have it done before 2011 rolls around. :D

I have yet more photos of cards etc., but I'll leave them for the next post. Before I go, I'll share this photo I took of 60 (of the 78) die-cut calendar pages, arranged by month. So pretty!

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Brilliant! I love how you bound them instead of using the CD cases!

  2. Wow Pam, that's a lot of cranking!!! Your Christmas cards look fantastic & your stitching is perfect.
    I love your calendars, the monotone pages look so elegant & the colours are delicious! :)